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Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School

 New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, Years Preparatory - 12

"Continuing the Mission of the MSC Sisters"


An outcome is a statement of what learners know and can do with what they know. Outcomes for learning consist of:

1. Overall learning outcomes which are ‘Big picture’ learning outcomes for the whole curriculum to which all key learning areas contribute through the ten years of compulsory education.

The OLSH International curriculum is designed to assist students to become lifelong learners. The overall learning outcomes of the curriculum contain elements common to all key learning areas and collectively describe the valued attributes of a lifelong learner.

2. Key learning area outcomes are learning outcomes for each specific key learning area as stated in the NSW Board of Studies syllabi.

Key learning area outcomes highlight the uniqueness of each key learning area and describe each key learning area’s contribution to the curriculum. These outcomes are the intended results of extended engagement with the learning described by the core and discretionary learning outcomes for each specific key learning area.

3. Core learning outcomes ‘Immediate picture’ learning outcomes in strands and levels that describe specific learning.Core learning outcomes describe what learners know, and do with what they know at a particular level.

The Outcomes approach taken by the Board of Studies represents one particular outcomes approach that is intended to contribute to curriculum coherence and continuity. The nature of learning outcomes in NSW curriculum materials has evolved through extensive processes of statewide consultation with regard to the implementation needs of NSW teachers, schools and school authorities.


Learning and teaching at OLSH International will be learner centered. It will be achieved through a variety of learning experiences, teaching strategies. Our aim is to cater for the learning needs and styles of all learners. Learning outcomes should not be seen in isolation as the product of a single KLA or learning experience; instead, where appropriate, outcomes from a variety of KLAs should be integrated in such a way as to complement and support each other. Learning experiences involve a commitment of the learner to continuous reflection and re-evaluation.

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