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Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School

 New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea, Years Preparatory - 12

"Continuing the Mission of the MSC Sisters"

WHAT WE BELIEVE – Learning for life

Education is a journey:

  • in which we walk together in faith to discover the knowledge and wisdom that is consistent with the truth of the Gospels.
  • of self-discovery and fulfillment where such qualities as personal holiness, peace, justice and commitment promote a sense of values and spirituality.
  • which is hope-filled and ensures that all learners are provided with opportunities to succeed.
  • which is taken in partnership with and promotes the community.
  • which is world affirming, assisting in the total formation of each individual within the human community.
  • It includes a religious dimension that permeates the entire education and it is an apostolic instrument, promoting dialogue between faith and culture.
  • which insists on individual care and concern for each person, emphasizing activity on the part of the student and encouraging life-long openness to growth.
  • which is value-oriented, encouraging a realistic knowledge (of the world in which we live), love and acceptance of self.
  • which proposes Christ as the model of human life. It provides superior pastoral care, celebrating faith in personal and community prayer, worship and service.
  • which is preparation for active life commitment, serving the faith that does justice. It seeks to form "men and women for others", manifesting a particular concern for the poor.
  • which is an apostolic instrument, in service of the church as it serves human society. It prepares students for active participation in the Church and the local community, for the service of others.
  • which pursues excellence in its work of formation and witnesses to excellence.
  • which recognizes and supports parents in their role as prime educators of their children.
  • which is future focused, flexibly structured and outcomes oriented.
  • which will enable each student to make sense of their experiences, construct understandings, and operate effectively in the world around them.

Every person in our community is a learner: our belief and vision is for all members of our community to become lifelong learners.

A lifelong learner is:

• a knowledgeable person with deep understanding

• a complex thinker

• a creative person

• an active investigator

• an effective communicator

• a participant in an interdependent world

• a reflective and self-directed learner.

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